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The interactive stories and calculators are embedded in the website for easy access but be aware that they are intended to be delivered as part of the whole unit, not as a standalone activity. They are designed as a starting point and a shared activity to engage the class and act as a spring board for the lessons. To ensure that children get the best out of the resource it is advised that you download and plan the whole unit, taking time to see how the elements fit together before you begin.

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Learning resources

Overview: Unit Outline (.pdf 341KB)
This unit centres on the friends in 4-7 years at Pride Place Primary School and their fundraising activities for charity. Children will explore how they can plan a charity event, pricing goods and services and undertaking basic financial planning and prediction as part of this process.

Curriculum links for SPHE are included.

Baseline / Assessment Quick Quiz
Quick Quiz Pre/Post test Recording Sheet
(.pdf 368KB)

Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Who Shall We Help? (.pdf 420KB)
Children choose a 'good cause' for their fundraising event and plan as a group to run the event.

Lesson 2: We are a Team (.pdf 142KB)
Children explore the value of skills in the workplace by identifying their strengths and qualities as part of a working team, the roles they might play and how the team can work together.

Lesson 3: Counting on You (.pdf 485KB)
Children work as a class to identify coins and undertake some simple calculations based on a line of 'cents' fundraising event.

Story Books

Charity Job Week 4-7 years: Download PDF book to print (.pdf 639KB)


Working Together: Letter for parent/carers outlining activities that can be done at home for Charity Job Week 4-7 years (.pdf 101KB)

More Tools

Factsheet: Top Tips for fundraising (.pdf 170KB)
Factsheet: Line of Cents Event (.pdf 116KB)
Activity: Charity Event Poster template (.pdf 106KB)
Activity: Line of Cents event sponsor form (.pdf 79KB)